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2020 BuDu XC Race Series & Volunteer opportunities

Hi Families! 

Many of you may have already participated in one or more of the BuDu races in past years. For those of you that may not know about BuDu, I wanted to share some information on this opportunity to have fun with members of your team while getting your feet wet in cross country mountain bike racing. I also want to share the great news about our sponsorship opportunity with BuDu Race Series!

BuDu racing is an 8 race series in Western Washington. These races are self seating meaning that you pick your category to race in. There are youth races for under 11 years, and then a junior category 12-17 in each category. There are three categories - Cat 1 is expert racing, Cat 2 is intermediate and Cat 3 is a beginner category. Each race category increases in laps and distance. Cat 3 is generally 1-2 laps and is never over 5-6 miles. Cat 2 10-15 and Cat 1 is generally around 20 miles. These races are not huge events compared to our student league races. This gives our students new to mountain bike racing some great exposure to racing in a smaller venue with their peers. There will be other league teams at these events too.

Rory and Deanna put on a great race. These races are always well marked and well supported. Additionally, their race series started out with their own family in mind and have become a great opportunity to race or ride in a supportive environment with much cheering and encouragement. 

With that being said, Rory & Deanna have offered to sponsor our team this year with a team donation & race entry discounts in return for helping to help support their race events at Swan Creek and 360 park by helping Rory set up the race course and then clean up after the event is over.  We would be looking for 4-6 people (students with waiver signed by parent if not present prior to event) coaches & parents. We would need to be at the course by 7:30am with bikes and helmets to get started marking the course. We are very excited about working with Rory and Deanna. 

Race dates and locations: (Races in which we are helping)

1/26: Swan Creek - Tacoma, WA
2/2: Soaring Eagle - Sammamish, WA
2/9: Dash Point - Federal Way, WA
3/1: 360 - Gig Harbor, WA
3/8: Cooking in the Kettles - Whidbey Island (Ft. Ebey **Discovery Pass required)
3/15: Henry's Ridge - Maple Valley, WA
3/29: Port Gamble (Stottelmeyer) 
4/5: Swan Creek #2 - Tacoma, WA

++BuDu racing events are not official student league races or events, however, your team will have members racing (students and coaches) and we will have our team tent there to help support the riders and give them & their family a space to sit down and keep warm.++

We would like to know who is interested in helping our team earn a sponsorship donation by helping out and who is interested in racing or helping support the team. The first race is coming up next Sunday and we are working on a count of volunteers now. Please email Coree or text and let her know if you can make it. 

For those racing, Rory & Deanna are giving us a 10% discount on each of the individual events, and a 5% discount on the passes (as they are already a really good discount). Here is the breakdown:






Single Event





Junior <12





Under 18















5 Pass





Junior <12





Under 18















Series Pass





Junior <12





Under 18










Contact Coree for Discount Code: Coree@keypenmtb.org

You do not have to buy an entire series of entries. You may also select certain races and you will just need to have signed up online prior to 8am on Saturday, the day prior to the race, in order to access the discount given to our team. If you miss the online deadline to register, you may also register the day of the race, but this would be without the discount & if it is your first race of the season, the waiver will need to be filled out then as well. 

https://www.buduracing.com/events_listing.php?evc=1  Here is the link to the series which has maps and course info for each race venue. 

We hope that you can come out and help the team and ride with us. 

- Coree Collins

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