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Mountain Bike Tips For Beginners From Beginners

New to Mountain Biking?  KeyPen Pirates specializes in Youth training that includes a full range of skills, but sometimes it’s difficult to describe what it’s like to BEGIN mountain biking. The same applies to messing around at 360 or racing at Washington League. Ian at Evergreen did this well, polling Evergreen riders for their experiences and tips when they began….

Our coaches and riders will attest to much of this: “It was truly like being a little kid again… | “…disconnect and relax.” | “Ride with people who are at varying skill levels.” | “I wish I knew how fun mountain biking was…”

Mountain Bike Tips For Beginners From Beginners

More exercise. Save money. Lose weight.

These banal goals always bubble to the surface of January conversations.

New opportunities for learning have never been more abundant. Sailing across the gap that separates ability and imagination has never been more accessible. Finding others who share our unique interests and values has never been easier.

And still, we set boring resolutions like “Get more organized”.

Well, not all of us…

The following Evergreen members picked up a mountain bike in 2019 and haven’t looked back since. They overcame their fear of trying something new and braved the murky mud of Washington as knobby tire beginners for the very first time.

So, where are they now? What have they learned? And, most importantly, what advice do they have for those thinking, “In 2020, I want to become a mountain biker”.

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