Pirate Mountain Bike Practice


The Key Pen Pirates Mountain Bike practice is a mix of skill training, physical conditioning and having fun.  While the racing can be competitive, our focus is more on developing riders' self-confidence at all skill levels in a highly supportive team culture.

  • Safety: Coaches and volunteer adults ride with the students at all times (all adults pass background checks), and each is trained to keep students within their skill limits as well as identify hazards or physical issues. Coaches are trained in risk management, first aid/CPR, and youth positive teaching techniques.
  • Good habits: something as simple as teaching students how to check their bikes and gear, or continually "covering your brakes", can make a big difference in their experience and safety.
  • Multiple Groups: we often divide the team into groups based upon skill level, experience and physical condition.
  • Skills training: coaches are trained and certified to teach skills using a variety of teaching methods.  Balance, body position, braking, cornering, etc....
  • Physical conditioning: the practices are not 'intense', and instead we gradually increase the pace and distance based on the students' progress. And, we take plenty of breaks along the way....
  • Leadership: many of our more experienced student riders become trained and certified as Team Leaders - we encourage it! Team Leaders work with and set positive examples for the less experienced youth.
  • Stewardship: we give back to the trails by helping with trail maintenance and repair; and we teach our riders to be aware and respectful of others on the trail.

Coach Cory sessioning mountain bike cornering

Practice Schedule

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RSVP to Practices is MANDATORY

Please RSVP by the night prior to each practice that is held. Simply, we must prepare for practice and plan for adequate adult coach and junior ride leader presence to meet the league student to coach ratio (1 coach to 4-6 students with a 1 to 4 ratio being ideal).  Students arriving without RSVP may delay practice, and/or result in practice cancellation. 

Additionally, punctuality is expected - students arriving without RSVP may delay practice, and/or result in practice cancellation. Please insure you notify coaches if you are running late. 

Parents dropping off & picking up students: Please hang around in the parking lot until we can check that your child's bike is in good working order and your child came prepared with helmet & appropriate clothing for ride and weather. 

If you have conflicting plans and would require that your child be released early from practice, we ask that you please do not attend on that day. We will be riding into 360 park and may not have the coach and ride leader availability to break free from our practice group to escort your child out. 

Mandatory Equipment for practice: 

  • Mountain bike in good working order
  • Helmet
  • Gloves - closed finger preferred
  • Safety or cycling glasses with clear lenses (protects from branches)
  • Water (either water bottle or hydration pack with water in the bladder)
  • Snacks (shot blocks, oranges etc.)
  • Dress for weather (non-cotton layers, windbreaker, Rain jacket, cycling tights, pants or shorts, closed toe shoes) 
  • Extra tube for bike
  • If ANY questions, please ask us!

Adult Volunteer/Coach in addition to above: (some items below may be provided by the team)

  • patch kits / plugs
  • spare chain links (multiple speeds) 
  • sealant 
  • first aid pack
  • cell phone - charged
  • bike tools
  • team roster
  • EAP map