Key Pen Pirates Registration

To register your student rider, please (1) complete the form below (1 per each rider), and (2) submit payment using the link below.

The cost is $100 per student rider. The Key Pen Pirates is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers, and so the funds go to support the Key Pen Pirates additional costs (equipment, snacks at events, etc...).

If cost is an issue, or if there's any issue with this page, please contact us at with questions or more information.


1. Registration Form

Please complete the registration form below (for each Student Rider).

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Student Rider Information

    Additional Information

    By submitting I understand that the Parent/Guardian will be required to sign a waiver for the Student to ride/practice with Key Pen Pirates.

    2. Payment

    Please select a payment option below. Payments are submitted securely using PayPal, including several options that include Debit or Credit Card.

    Price: $100.00