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The definitive (and simple) guide to mountain bike tires in the PNW

Mentioning mountain bike tires for the PNW will invoke a lengthy debate among riders!  And, the debate continues if riding for fun or racing cross-country with the Washington League.

The crew at Abit (creators of Duthie Hill MTB park) know PNW mountain biking better than most, and here's their simple guide to tires.  IF looking for all-around youth tires (which we'd suggest, more about fun), these are excellent suggestions.  Yes, they plug their shorts, but they're great shorts....

The definitive (and simple) guide to mountain bike tires in the PNW


Tread pattern, sidewall, compounds, durometer, size, bead technology. Over 45 variants just for the Minion DHF. Holy crap it's confusing!  You better choose a good tire as it's the single most important gear decision you'll make - by a long shot

But first, a quick plug: looking for shorts that actually fit well?  Check out our Enduro MTB shorts that come in Slim Fit and Athletic Fit. They're comfortable, durable and feature 3 zip pockets and cam-lock waist adjusters.

Questions about which tire to run? Hit me up in the comments below.

He're the fool proof guide to picking the right tires for trail riders in the Pacific Northwest. From Ashland, through Portland, Seattle and the North Shore of Vancouver, up through Whistler and Pemberton, the answers are clear as a face full of November loam.  If you're clad in spandex, rockin' team kit, and only care about how fast you climb, then move along, this isn't for you. This is for riders doing big climbs for rowdy descents.  Endu Mountain biking!

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